NOV TDS-4S Top Drive

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NOV Top Drive for Sale:
NOV (Varco) TDS-4S Top Drive complete with GE752 DC Hi Tq Shunt Motor, 7 port rotating head and local cooling system.
In 48″ x 72″ fixed dolly frame (P/N M871008395) for W10 x 100 rails with C-Face style rollers.
Configured with RH S-Pipe Saddle and RH S/Loop bracket.
Rating: 650T, Bail Length: 88″, Pressure Rating: 5000psi
Supplied with the following:
• P/N: 82308 – 76” Link Tilt with P/N M6140002181
HDVC Retro Kit
• P/N: 97332-505 – S-Pipe
• P/N: 30157364 – Mist Extractor/Blower Air Intake Filter in P/N 30157486 Mounting Frame with short length of P/N: 107590 10” OD flexible hose (approx. 6 feet) P/N 107590
• P/N 95461-ATN – PH-85 Pipe-handler Assy (hanger shaft is missing)
Overhauled in 2012, stored since 2016.
OEM repair documentation with CoC.
We also have Canrig Top Drive and NOV Top Drive for Sale. Contact us at +1 713-321-2442.